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I first met Omar at 3 weeks old, now he is 3 years old and boasts the title “Big brother”! I really love this family, which is why I thought they would be perfect for this shoot, an artistic venture that I really wanted to explore and I was lucky enough to have the perfect candidates for it; a cool fun aritstic and creative bunch!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much joy these lovely people spread wherever they go, it’s contagious! I felt it from the first time Dina called me to book her first session and I am really looking forward to watching their wonderful children grow up!

Presenting Omar and his Parents (And baby sister) Mashallah!

There we were, one of us lying on the floor, camera in hand, elbows on the ground to get the perfect shot, the other one holding a reflector on one side of sweet Masa to make sure the light was perfectly balanced, and me rushing from one side of the scene to the other trying to get the best angle for some video shooting practice while still allowing room for the photography…It was perfect, photographers getting together to work on a dream project with a dream model to produce amazing results and cement our combined passion for art!

I have been wanting to share her photos for a while; Masa is an adorable 7 year old girl who enjoys getting photographed and happens to be very good at it! This Session was a result of several coffee mornings with the amazingly talented Noor Ziyad , with help from the awesome Tamara! We are hoping to work on some more collaborations this year and I truly cannot wait, as this experience turned out to be both fun and inspiring!

Check out this Video to see Noor’s Beautiful images!

Presenting the lovely Masa, Mashallah!



Every mother has those days, days when we think we are doing everything wrong, times when we think we are not good enough, we are so aware of all the areas in our lives that need to improve that we forget…

Today I am reminding myself that I am more than enough for my children; I am the one who will walk through fire to save my children, I am the one whose love they will take for granted, I am the one who wants them to be the absolute best versions of themselves, to be so much better than I am. I will accept them at their darkest moments, I will be there for them at the end of the day, through the struggles, the fevers, the bad moods, the difficult teachers, the friends who turn their backs, the broken hearts. I will be there for them, to guide them and push them back up where they need to be, because my love has no boundaries, my love has no conditions, my love is instinctive.

Here is one wonderful mother and her beautiful babies, Newborn Jolie and her brother, Rashid, Mashallah!


I remember the period of time when it really clicked for me, why I do what I do;I had just had my second son and was struggling as all mothers do with long days and even longer nights… I insisted on photographing him, as difficult as it was for me, it is what I do after all. The photos I took meant a lot more to me then than just nice photos of my son..the session was itself, a bonding experience with him, something which I really needed at that time…after that however, I would get an amazing warm feeling whenever I even thought of the photos, they made me happy and I realized that’s how my clients must feel.

Those early days are blurry, exhausting and really do test our limits…I often think of the parents who come to me for newborn sessions and I  feel is an enormous sense of gratitude; to be trusted with their most precious babies amid all the chaos they are feeling, to have my art valued enough that they will come to my studio even though they probably barely had the time to get dressed in between feedings and diaper changes…I truly know how it feels and all I want to say is thank you! Thank you for letting me into your lives, for showing me the love you have for your families, for allowing that love to be the light at the end of the tunnel when the world seems like it is running out of kindness…Thank you!

Presenting beautiful Hashem and his adoring parents, Mashallah!

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